Who We Are

The CLE Hunting is a charity which brings together. Like nearly all the public, we think that cruelty to animals in the name of game has no place in society. We’ve got no bias. We were created in 1924 and are unique because we focus on cruelty.

Our aim:

We work to expose and bring to an end the cruelty.

What we do:

  • We expose the character of sports and the people involved, identifying what actions ought to be taken.
  • We raise awareness and campaign for change by politicians, government and companies. This includes helping by working with the authorities to bring to justice individuals who commit acts of cruelty for game to enforce legislation and campaigning for new laws.
  • We provide advice to individuals whose lives are being affected by sports.

Our approach:

  • Through legal and investigation campaigning, we encourage the makers to recognise their obligation to protect animals from suffering acts.
  • We enlist public support to put pressure and increase awareness of the issues. Gain new laws we work to change people’s behavior, and enforce laws which are in place to protect animals and across the planet.

Our values:

  1. Informative: we expose the facts of cruelty.
  2. Purposeful: we’re focused on ending cruelty to animals in game.
  3. Accountable: we effort based on the facts found through investigation and research.
  4. Contemporary: we believe sports don’t have any place in society and are barbaric.
  5. Compassionate: what we do is motivated by concern for the well-being of people and animals.

Our campaigns:

  • Bullfighting
  • Fighting Dogs
  • Hunting
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Shooting
  • Snaring
  • Trophy Hunting

We have campaigns in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The CLE Hunting relies on the generosity of our supporters to help fund work and our campaigning and receives no Government or National Lottery funding.

Our fans come from all walks of life and we continue to attract donors, new members and campaigners.