Our Initative Introduction

“It’s not the police we’ve got to watch, it’s the antis with their video cameras.”

Graham Bridgeman – Chairman, Eggesford Hunt.
Horse and Hound, 10/02/2005, page 13.

On February 18, hunting and coursing with dogs became illegal in England and Wales. It was a massive step forwards to the creation of a more humane and decent society.

However, across England and Wales, there have been reports of hunts continuing hunting activities. Some say they are hunting an artificial scent, going ‘drag hunting’ as we have long urged them to. But others may continue to hunt wild animals, either openly and blatantly, or secretly, blaming “accidents” for the cruel chase and death of our wildlife.

This website explains how you can help to make sure that the hunting ban is obeyed across our countryside.

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