Importance of the programme?

After the ban was implemented, we had to change the objective of search monitoring from ‘seeing the wrongs of hunting’ to ‘gathering evidence for a prosecution‘.

We also had to be aware that searches could want know about a possible increase in violence, and to frustrate enforcement. This is exactly why we created this website.

Its fans and the League monitor the hunters and the searches to be certain that they’re not breaking the law. We will need to collect evidence of the offence where the law has been broken. Tracking is different and it takes many forms.

In addition to the traditional ‘area’ observation, we need you to be observers – ears and our eyes in the countryside so as to help us collect intelligence on all of their actions and the hunts. Hunt Monitors, everyone which help us to learn what searches are doing and Hunt Observers, are all ‘Hunt Volunteers‘.

Each search is currently responding to the ban in a way that is different. We’ll be seeking evidence of searching – in evidence of searches chasing quarry and searching for but also for advice on what each search is currently doing.

You can help

  • When you want to find out more about being a Hunt Volunteer, or haven’t monitored before, you may be interested in attending. We hope to organise a number of those events and publish details with dates and venues shortly.
  • Field monitors
  • You’ll have the choice of signing up to become a formal League ‘area’ track and those who do will get advice based on specialist advice, the ‘search monitor pack’ (such as an ‘observers handbook’), potential loan of second-hand gear, invites to programme events, and information on what to do with the evidence collected.


  • Can help tremendously with intelligence and detecting gathering. We will offer guidance and service to you and will advise on what to do with information.
  • How else can I help?
  • In addition to finding out whether searches are hunting illegally, we will need to discover whether searches are losing support, whether their subscriptions plummet, whether they disband or maybe join together, whether they’ve changed to drag hunting, where they maintain their matches and what they do with their hounds.

All of this information will assist in the fight to make sure that the law do not violate when it comes into force and if they do, it is going to help to be certain that they get.

  1. If you can help with any of the following actions, please email us:
  2. If you wish to attend an ‘introduction’ .
  3. Should you hear or see anything that you think could be helpful and relevant. Please send us details of where searches are meeting if you’ve got them. You may find this info by looking in stores and post offices . You could phone your hunt where they’re meeting to learn.
  4. If you can help contribute equipment like video cameras (even if they’re old-fashioned ones), camcorder batteries and tapes, handheld GPS, walkie talkies, compasses or binoculars. Anything could be passed on.
  5. Please send information cuttings to us from your newspapers with information about the search which will help us to piece together intentions and their moves.
  6. Spread the word about the ways in and the programme