Hunting Update – April 7, 2009

This past Sunday (4/5) was probably the closest I’ve come to filling my first tag this hunting. As I was driving to my spot of choice that afternoon, I happened to glance down a side road and saw two bags of coal (turkeys hunting) in the road from pro hunters club.

I quickly pulled over and snuck back to the intersection and peeked around the weeds. Sure enough – two toms strutting in the road, and they didn’t see me. I ran back to the truck and got my gear.

I tried to sneak up on them through the woods, but they moved off after I got about 75 yards away. I went to the part of the woods they crossed into, set up and started to call. They were silent and although I stayed there a good while, they did not come back to check out the calling for hunting.

Turns out that these two turkeys (along with some jakes and hens) are part of a group that goes between our club and an adjacent club, and a few guys in our club have tried to call them in but they are playing hard-to-get.

Later that same day I decided to sit right off a dirt road on another part of the club and watch for strutting and feeding. Sure enough, a couple of hens and a few jakes came out and did their thing, and I could have easily killed a jake, but I let them walk. It was encouraging to see turkeys that day, and it renewed my spirits for hunt.

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